Bonus Baby Fat Burner Package:

This bonus package is for moms who are tight on time and looking to get rid of that baby weight as fast as possible, maybe even over the course of your maternity leave.  In this package, I’ve included two additional full length video workouts.  I have also included 3 extra informational videos that will really help you start shedding that baby weight.

Here are all the Bonus Baby Fat Burner details:

Ball Workout ($29 Value):
I can’t tell you how many of times I’ve heard, “I have a ball at home, but I don’t really know what to do with it.” New moms frequently have stability balls at home because they’ve used them during pregnancy and/or labor, which is great. I want you to learn how to put that ball to use for a great workout. The best part of using the ball for exercise is it forces you to use your core. Yup, it will make you work that mommy belly, which will help pull it in and flatten it out!
Buns Workout ($29 Value):
The top two body complaints I get from moms are belly and buns. Somehow pregnancy makes the buns drop and widen. I know, it’s completely unfair. I think it is my duty to provide you with a kickbutt booty workout. This workout will help you lift and tighten those buns. This actually might be one of my top workouts I love to hate, haha! The booty burn is definitely impressive.
Pelvic Floor 101 – Stop Peeing Your Pants ($19 Value):
Moms come to me regularly and tell me they can’t jump during workouts, or even do jumping jacks because they start to pee. This is horribly embarrassing. But, for 90% of moms it is definitely fixable. You see, during labor and delivery the pelvic floor is stretched to it’s absolute limit. It takes some time AND some deliberate exercises to make it strong again. This is an ESSENTIAL part of postpartum recovery. In addition to helping your jump, laugh, sneeze without peeing your pants (don’t you deserve that?), strengthening your pelvic floor also tremendously helps your core, as it is part of your core muscles. This video is a MUST HAVE for new moms. It includes information you can put to use immediately after giving birth!
Grocery Store Tour ($49 Value):
This video is a favorite among my moms. I walk you up and down the aisles of my local grocery store and show you the good, the bad and the ugly. You will learn exactly what I buy when I go shopping and exactly what I tell all my weight loss clients to buy. This will tremendously help you create your own grocery lists.
Top 5 Secrets of Fit & Fab Moms ($19 Value):
Do you find yourself watching other moms and wondering how the heck they popped out a kid and fit back into their skinny jeans in about 1 day? Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But that’s what it looks like sometimes. It seems completely unfair, right? In this video I share with you the secrets of the moms I’ve worked with who have lost their baby weight the fastest. I will tell you exactly what they did and how you can do it too. I think you’ll be relieved and excited to see that it is completely possible for you to be fit & fab too!

As you can see this Bonus Baby Fat Burner Package is valued at $145.  But I want to give you as much information as possible to be successful.  I also want to thank you for committing to the 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Program. So, I am offering these additional Bonus Baby Fat Burner Package for an additional low price of $20.00.

This is a fabulous price for you to get extra workouts and a ton of information that will really help you expedite your postpartum weight loss.  Those of you who take advantage of the Bonus Baby Fat Burner Package are showing your commitment to getting rid of your baby weight as fast as possible.  You should be really proud of that (and super pumped up!)

No thanks, I’ll stick to the basic 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Program for $47.00.
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